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Register your class or course and generate a list of access keys for your students. These keys can be used to create and later edit measurements on GewässerCampus.

Alongside the generated access keys, you will also receive a course token that should be kept private. With this key you can view and edit all your student's measurements.

The name of the school or educational institution requesting new tokens. This information will not be shared publicly but helps us to associate measurements with your school or institution.

Your name or the name of a representative. This information will also be kept private and is only used for communication.

You can choose to assign a name to the course key to better differentiate the tokens from one another.

Your Email address will only be used to send you the Course token and the Access keys.
In case we need to contact you this Email address wil be used.

The number of access keys you want to generate. You can create a maximum of 30 access keys at once.
Students may share one access key in a group so not everyone needs their own access key.
If you want to add measurements by yourself, you should create one additional access key.